End of Recycling Engagement Campaign with Broxbourne Residents

Aug 25, 2014


Enventure Research has recently completed a successful recycling engagement campaign on behalf of Broxbourne Borough Council.  A full-time team of Enventure Research’s trained recycling promoters including three team leaders engaged with residents on the doorstep, targeting 32,000 properties over a seven-week period.  The project was managed on the ground by a local Project Co-ordinator, who ensured that all areas were visited and that targets were met.
Recycling promoters were recruited from local and surrounding areas, and were fully briefed on all recycling services offered by the Council, receiving comprehensive training to deal with any general waste and recycling enquiries they might receive.  Promoters were also provided with rolls of food waste bags and leaflets to distribute to residents.

The recycling team engaged with a total of 11,224 residents (thereby achieving the 35% target contact rate), aiming to encourage maximum participation in the recycling scheme and address any potential barriers to recycling, seeking residents’ opinions on the future direction of waste and recycling services in Broxbourne.  Recycling promoters further sought to raise awareness about the issue of placing cardboard into the organic waste stream, encouraging residents where possible to instead recycle cardboard at local Neighbourhood Recycling Centres.

Following fieldwork completion, Enventure Research provided in-depth analysis and reporting on the findings, which indicated high awareness of and participation in the available services.  Insight was gained into residents’ opinions about the future direction of the recycling scheme, including suggestions for future improvements and information about residents’ preferred collection methods.