Public consultation regarding the future of Derby’s adult residential care facilities

Mar 2, 2016

Enventure Research is soon to begin working once again with Derby City Council (DCC) to undertake a public consultation with residents regarding the future of its future adult residential care facilities and day centres providing support and care for people who have dementia, learning disabilities and autism. The Council needs to look at alternative management and ownership arrangements, and has a duty to consult with members of the public and stakeholders who will be affected by the proposed changes, such as residents, service users and staff.


The consultation will take the form of an online and paper survey running simultaneously, aiming to gather a minimum of 800 completed questionnaires from stakeholders and the public in Derby. Paper questionnaires will be made available in each centre and the online version will be promoted on the Council’s, care homes’ and day centres’ websites. Additionally, personalised survey invitations will be issued via email to DCC’s Citizen’s Panel and options for completing the survey in an alternative language will also be available.


The consultation will provide robust information to the Council to support the decision-making process and provide feedback on the potential changes in ownership and management of the care homes and day centres, how they could be run and funded in the future, and feedback on alternative options that could bring about cost savings, whilst continuing to meet user and stakeholder needs.