Manchester’s ‘Our Town Hall’ visitor experience insight research

Oct 1, 2020

Manchester Town Hall Complex is one of Manchester’s greatest cultural and civic assets, which makes a significant contribution not only to the heritage but also to the identity of the City. There has been significant investment in the Central Library and the Town Hall Extension, and the City Council plans to invest in the Town Hall itself so it can continue to be an asset for the city and its people for generations to come.


In addition to restoring the building, Manchester City Council wants to create a new Visitor Experience, which will provide a new cultural service for the city. It will be a celebration of Manchester Town Hall and its people and will bring the buildings and its stories to life. It will comprise a brand new permanent exhibition.


Manchester City Council commissioned Enventure Research to carry out research with potential users to ascertain levels of interest in attending, what the audience expectations are, barriers to attending and a whole range of other elements. The research will also involve undertaking benchmarking with other similar venues.