Too cool for yule? Less than half of British adults have an advent calendar

Dec 2, 2019

According to a recent YouGov poll, less than half (49%) of British adults were expecting to receive an advent calendar this year, meaning that more people were left empty-handed on the first day of December yesterday.


Of those who were expecting to have an advent calendar this year, only a quarter (26%) said they were looking forward to opening it and were excited to some extent, while 23% said they weren’t very excited. The poll also showed that women were more likely to be looking forward to kick-starting the festive season with an advent calendar (33%) than men (19%).


Eight in ten (80%) advent calendars will be chocolate, with a further 13% saying they had bought calendars containing beauty products. Another 11% said they’ve purchased calendars containing toys and 6% of Brits will be opening a different tipple in their alcoholic advent calendar each day.


Whether you have an advent calendar or not, we hope you enjoy the festive season now that it has started.