Enventure Research working to become Carbon Neutral

Jan 17, 2020

At Enventure Research, we are working towards reducing our impact on the environment and climate change, through office-based activities and the delivery of research projects. This has involved looking at our energy use and travel, our main contributors to carbon emissions. We have completed a Carbon Footprint review and have set targets where we can realistically make a difference.


We are pleased that we have offset our carbon emissions generated in 2019 and have invested in UK tree planting. This equates to the planting of 15 trees (for 15 tonnes of CO2). This offsetting is for our energy use and travel undertaken by staff commuting to and from work and travel (by car, train, bus and tram/underground) for work purposes including travel by fieldwork interviewers.


We are committed to continuing to offset our carbon emissions in the future whilst at the same time also working to reduce our carbon footprint in the first place.