Further research with Clarion Housing Group residents

Jan 11, 2018

Following earlier research conducted with its residents, Enventure Research was recently recommissioned by Clarion Housing Group to undertake a telephone survey exploring engagement with and perceived value of the printed and digital publications it provides to residents.


Clarion Housing Group is one of the largest affordable housing providers in England, managing over 125,000 properties in more than 170 local authority areas. The majority of its homes are let to those unable to afford rent on the open market, and all profits are reinvested back into its homes and communities.


From a telephone survey of 2,000 residents conducted a few months previously (also conducted by Enventure Research), the Group already had some insight into its residents’ communication needs and preferences. However, it wished to gain a more in depth understanding in a number of key topic areas as part of its service transformation programme.


A questionnaire was developed and delivered by trained market research interviewers via telephone. Residents who had taken part in the initial resident survey and given their consent to be re-contacted for further Clarion research were invited to participate. A total of 200 residents provided their views over the five week survey period.


The raw data and data tabulations were provided to the Clarion Housing Group research team for analysis and will be used to inform decision making regarding future Clarion publications.