Baseline public perceptions survey about active travel in Sheffield

Jun 15, 2023

Sheffield City Council plans to implement a transport connectivity scheme between the areas of Kelham Island and Neepsend (Housing Zone North), which will include enhancements to the local active travel and public transport infrastructures. Before implementing this, Sheffield City Council wished to undertake a survey of pedestrians and cyclists to understand public perceptions towards active travel in the area to serve as a baseline survey, with a view to repeat the survey following implementation of the scheme to act as an evaluation.

A short questionnaire was designed by Enventure Research in partnership with Sheffield City Council, covering topics such as the modes of transport they use, frequency of active travel, barriers to active travel, feeling safe in the area and perceptions of the active travel infrastructure. A total of 504 pedestrians and cyclists were interviewed across a three-day fieldwork period at various sampling points.

Survey results were presented to the Council in a comprehensive report, and suggest that perceptions of the current walking infrastructure are more positive than the cycling infrastructure. Enventure Research has since been commissioned to conduct a similar baseline survey in another area of Sheffield in the coming months.

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