Barnet Early Help Services Public Consultation

Mar 22, 2018

Following the successful delivery of a public consultation regarding the London Borough of Barnet’s library service, Enventure Research was recently recommissioned by Barnet Council to undertake a public consultation with local residents surrounding the proposed changes to the Early Help Services.


Barnet Council have designed a questionnaire which aims to gauge perceptions of the proposed changes to the current Early Help Services and will be promoting and hosting themselves. Those who live in Barnet and those who work within the sector are invited to complete the questionnaire, which is available as an online survey and in paper format. As well as the analysis of the survey responses, additional insight is required by the Council as well as the findings from the survey.


Enventure Research will provide the Council with further insight through moderating a series of focus groups with a broadly representative sample of Barnet residents, including users and non-users of the Early Help Services as well as Youth Centre users and parents and carers of children with special needs. Focus groups will be led by Enventure Research’s experienced team of skilled moderators, who will also design the discussion guide especially tailored for each group. In addition to the focus groups, Enventure Research will also be hosting a number of public meetings alongside the Council where members of the public are welcomed to attend in order to ask questions and discuss the proposals.


Enventure Research will provide Barnet Council with a comprehensive report including the analysis of the survey responses as well as the qualitative findings that emerge from the focus groups and public meetings.