Association of Anaesthetists Membership Survey

Mar 7, 2019

Fieldwork has just begun for the Association of Anaesthetists Membership Survey. Enventure Research was commissioned to undertake the membership survey on behalf of the Association (previously known as AAGBI), having successfully delivered the previous membership survey in 2015.


In order to allow for direct comparisons to be made, the questionnaire includes topics and questions previously asked, in addition to new topics that the Association wished to explore. The survey is being hosted online by Enventure Research and has recently been sent out via email to the entire membership of the Association.


Once the survey has closed, a final written report will be provided to the Association following extensive analysis of the returned data. The findings from the survey will help the Association to better understand its membership and to ensure that the organisation continues to reflect the needs, views and opinions of members in order to continually provide support to them in the future.