A Successful Consultation for Braintree District Council

Dec 12, 2011

Enventure recently completed of a successful programme of consultation with residents and businesses across the Braintree District.  Enventure was commissioned by Braintree District Council
to consult with residents and businesses to understand their priorities, needs and expectations of their Council and its services.

Residents and businesses in Halstead, Witham and Braintree have been having their say about what they think needs improving in the area to ensure A Corporate Strategy 2012-16 reflects the views and opinions of local residents and businesses.

Enventure’s Research Manager, Dr Joanne Harvatt, conducted the consultation during October and November 2011.  The programme included:

  • A residents’ online and postal survey – involving over 1,000 residents and over 100 businesses across the Braintree District
  • Five focus groups with residents to discuss issues in more depth
  • Two focus groups with businesses operating across theDistrict

The consultation was positively received by residents and businesses alike, with the following feedback received from a local business representative:

“Joanne has proven a skilful and sympathetic facilitator during local government business focus groups.  She has dealt with the diverse business participants with a good degree of empathy and understanding”

The findings of the consultation are now being used by Braintree District Council to inform
the development of their Corporate Strategy 2012-16.  Enventure’s research report will be made available on the Braintree District Council website early
in 2012.