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12 Feb 15

New website coming soon!

We are currently developing a new website which should be launched very soon. Check back next week and hopefully it should be up and running!

10 Feb 15

Commencement of Cricklewood Town Centre Visitor Research

Fieldwork for the Cricklewood Town Centre Visitor Satisfaction Survey has now started.  Enventure Research was commissioned by the London Borough of Barnet and partners (including the London Boroughs of Brent and Camden) to undertake an on-street survey to measure the impact of the activities undertaken by the Cricklewood Town Team following funding from the Outer London Fund, which is dedicated to strengthening the vibrancy and growth of selected high streets and town centres in London.

The survey, which was previously conducted in 2013, will record visitor profiles, measure satisfaction in a number of areas and assess changes to satisfaction levels.  A small interviewing team will conduct the survey on-street with users of Cricklewood town centre.  An online survey will run in conjunction with the on-street survey.  Following fieldwork completion Enventure Research will provide detailed statistical analysis and comprehensive reporting on all findings.

09 Feb 15

Successful Delivery of Tower Hamlets Council and CCG Workshops

Enventure Research has recently designed and delivered three successful deliberative full-day workshop events on behalf of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets Council and the Tower Hamlets Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).  Two workshops focused on understanding residents’ service spending priorities, potential ways to make savings and perceptions of increased local involvement.  The third, conducted on behalf of the Tower Hamlets CCG, focused more specifically on health priorities and health service commissioning.

The events were well-attended by a cross-section of participants illustrative of the demographics of the borough, with a good mixture of age, gender, ethnicity and working status.  In addition, the third health-focused workshop was attended by a combination of patients and carers.  Enventure Research’s skilled workshop facilitators used a range of deliberative techniques including small group working, plenary sessions, presentations, interactive voting and prioritisation tasks to ensure that all participants could effectively express their views.

Enventure Research will provide comprehensive tailored reports for Tower Hamlets Council and Tower Hamlets CCG.  The findings from the research will feed into the development of the Tower Hamlets 2015-19 Community Plan and inform the commissioning process for community health services in Tower Hamlets.



06 Feb 15

Enventure to Undertake Newsletter Survey with Manchester Residents

Manchester City Council has appointed Enventure Research to undertake a telephone survey of 1,050 Manchester residents which will explore the impact of a recent newsletter published by the Council.

The research will examine respondents’ recollection of receiving a newsletter from the Council, recall of specific newsletter articles, perceptions of how informative the newsletter was felt to be, and intentions to take further actions based on the information contained within the newsletter.

A total of 150 residents will be interviewed in each of the Council’s seven wards.  Quotas will be set based on age and employment status.

Telephone interviewing will commence in March 2015.  Upon completion and quality review, Enventure Research will provide Manchester City Council with the raw survey data.

04 Feb 15

Phase 4 of Manchester Resident Perception Survey Begins

The fourth phase of the 2014/2015 Manchester City Council Resident Perception Survey has now started.  Enventure Research has conducted the survey every quarter since 2012 with a representative sample of 1,100 residents via a combination of telephone and on-street surveying. 

The findings each quarter allow the Council to measure how well it and its partners are performing in the delivery of services, helping them to decide what needs doing differently in the future.  The majority of survey questions remain the same as in previous phases, allowing benchmarking with the national Local Government Association survey.  Some additional phase-specific questions are asked each quarter, in this instance, focusing on voting registration.

Upon survey completion, the anonymised results will be delivered back to Manchester City Council to an agreed schedule.

02 Feb 15

Recycling Engagement with Residents in Ballymoney

Ballymoney Borough Council has commissioned Enventure Research to undertake a doorstepping engagement campaign which is aimed at promoting the correct use of the recycling services to residents of the borough.  A small team of Enventure Research’s trained recycling promoters will visit properties in the target areas identified by Ballymoney Borough Council, aiming to speak with at least 1,800 residents over the duration of the project.

The Recycling Promoters will motivate residents to recycling via direct interaction on the doorstep, using a short conversational-style questionnaire to find out information about attitudes towards and current usage of the waste and recycling services.  The team will answer any questions residents may have about recycling, help them to overcome any perceived barriers to recycling, and ultimately, aim to increase participation in the recycling scheme.

The fieldwork will take place over a three-week period in February 2015.

29 Jan 15

Second Phase of WRWA Recycling Engagement Campaign

Upon successful completion of the second large-scale doorstepping engagement campaign recently completed on behalf of Western Riverside Waste Authority (WRWA), Enventure Research has been appointed to conduct further engagement work in the authority’s four constituent Boroughs (Lambeth, Wandsworth, Hammersmith & Fulham and Kensington & Chelsea).  A team of experienced Recycling Promoters (including one Team Leader) will visit properties in target areas identified by each Local Authority, making contact with at least 3,451 residents.

The engagement team will collect useful information about attitudes towards recycling and typical householder recycling behaviours, with the use of a Computer Aided Personal Interviewing (CAPI) device.  The results will build on the findings from the recent doorstepping engagement campaign conducted by Enventure Research, which came to an end in December 2014.

The fieldwork will take place over January and February 2015.  Following fieldwork completion, Enventure Research will provide a comprehensive research report to WRWA which details the key findings from the doorstepping activity.

28 Jan 15

Insightful Consultation with Gloucestershire Residents and Carers

The second part of the Gloucestershire County Council (GCC) Meeting the Challenge Consultation has now been completed.  Enventure Research delivered seven focus groups and two half-day workshops on behalf of the Council with a cross-section of residents, service users, partners and community and voluntary organisations, aiming to gather feedback on the Council’s new draft policies, issues and ideas and their implementation in Gloucestershire.  The events were very successful and elicited a number of useful suggestions and practical recommendations.

A copy of the final workshop report has been published on the GCC website and can be found here.

As a result of the consultation, the Council’s draft strategy has been altered in several ways.  The proposed budget has also been altered.  Details about this can be found on the Council’s website here.

Emma Burchell, Consultation Manager (GCC) commented, “We commissioned Enventure Research to carry out some focus groups with residents, community groups and partners, to consult on the Council’s new strategy and underlying policies.  They delivered a high quality consultation in tight timescales and delivered reports to us in a timely way.  Joanne was very easy to work with and there was a good open level of communication throughout the project to ensure that we were kept informed of progress and any issues were addressed quickly.  Enventure Research were very flexible and adapted well to a change in scope during the project timeline.  We would recommend them highly for any high level consultation project.”

27 Jan 15

Enventure to Undertake GDC Annual Registrant Survey for Third Year

The General Dental Council (GDC) has re-appointed Enventure Research to conduct its 2014 Annual Survey of Registrants.  The GDC is responsible for regulation of dental professionals in the United Kingdom.  Its registrants include dentists, dental nurses, dental technicians, clinical dental technicians, dental hygienists, dental therapists and orthodontic therapists across the United Kingdom.

The survey will be carried out online with a representative sample of GDC registrants over the coming months.  Following the survey, Enventure Research will also be providing the GDC with qualitative research investigating issues arising from the online survey in greater depth.

Enventure Research has previously conducted the survey in 2012 and 2013 and has also undertaken several other pieces of research on behalf of the GDC, and looks forward to working with the organisation again.

26 Jan 15

Understanding Behaviours and Attitudes to Health in Calderdale

Calderdale Council has commissioned Enventure Research to undertake independent attitude research to inform the development of marketing health campaigns across Calderdale.  The research will aim to understand barriers and motivations of Calderdale residents around physical activity, healthy lifestyles, weight loss, active travel and cycling and road safety, to help plan future steps in behaviour change in these areas.

A two-stage approach will be taken to the research, commencing with an on-street survey to establish residents’ views and perceptions.  The survey will be conducted face-to-face by local experienced Interviewer Quality Control Scheme (IQCS) trained interviewers with a representative sample of 2,040 residents in a number of sampling points throughout Calderdale.  The second phase of the research will be qualitative in nature, consisting of five focus groups allowing exploration of the issues highlighted in the on-street survey in greater depth.

On-street surveying will begin in February 2015, with the focus groups taking place shortly after the completion of the fieldwork.

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