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10 Apr 14

Mobile Site User Testing Survey for the General Dental Council

The General Dental Council (GDC) recently commissioned Enventure Research to undertake an online survey of its registrants to test a new mobile website.

As part of their registration with the GDC, all dental professionals agree to adhere to a set of professional standards set by the GDC which aim to protect both patients and dental professionals. A new version of these standards came into effect in September 2013.

A mobile site was been developed to allow GDC registrants to access the standards via mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Before launching the site, the GDC wished to test what it is like to use the site with a sample of registrants to ensure it was accessible and user friendly.

Prior to completing the survey, respondents were asked to thoroughly test the mobile site using either a smart phone or tablet device to ensure they provided useful and relevant feedback.  A large number of dental professionals took part in the mobile site user testing survey within a short timeframe, quickly providing valuable feedback to the GDC about the mobile site before launch.

Enventure Research conducted this research for the GDC within very tight timescales, providing the organisation with further useful and actionable findings.

21 Mar 14

Resident Engagement to Tackle Recycling Contamination in Nottingham

Nottingham City Council has recently awarded a contract to Enventure Research to undertake engagement work in Nottingham aimed at tackling kerbside recycling contamination and improving the quality of recycling in specific areas of the city.

During the last five years, Nottingham City Council has increased its recycling rates considerably and currently has a recycling rate of 32% by providing a comprehensive alternate-week co-mingled kerbside recycling scheme and a range of communication activities.  Recently the Council has seen an increase in recycling contamination in certain areas of the city, particularly in areas that are traditionally harder to engage with and more transitory, such as students, communities with multiple languages and areas of higher deprivation.  Contamination in the area averages at 14% of the recycling bin; however in some areas contamination is as high as 22%.

In order to help reduce contamination, Enventure Research engagement staff will be speaking to Nottingham residents on the doorstep to promote correct use of the recycling services, answer any questions or queries they might have, distribute 'Recycle It Right' leaflets and stickers and conduct a short resident survey.

It is hoped that this engagement will go some way to increasing recycling rates, reducing contamination costs and supporting a more sustainable economy, thus making the city greener.

26 Feb 14

City of London Commissions Enventure for Resident Engagement

The City of London Corporation has commissioned Enventure to engage with its residents with the aim of significantly improving recycling rates and capture rates.  Mark Robinson of Enventure commented, “We are really excited about working with The City of London Corporation.  It’s a great win for us and a great opportunity to be part of something that improves recycling in the city."

The project will involve doorknocking residents in all four of the estates – Middlesex Street, Mansell Street, Golden Lane and Barbican, as well as in privately managed blocks of low rise flats and individual flats above shops. 

The engagement activity will be rolled out during March 2014.

05 Feb 14

City of Lincoln Council Commission Enventure for Tenancy Consultation

Enventure Research has recently been commissioned by the City of Lincoln Council's Housing Department to conduct a tenant survey following review of Council housing tenancy agreements.  8000 residents will be asked to provide feedback about the proposed changes to their tenancy agreements.  This feedback can be submitted either online or by post.

Enventure will code responses from tenants and analyse the results, producing a full report.  The consultation is due to begin in February 2014.

31 Jan 14

Kayleigh Achieves MRS Certificate Distinction

Enventure Research's newest recruit Kayleigh Haigh has achieved a distinction in the Market Research Society's Certificate in Market and Social Research. 

As Research Project Support Officer, Kayleigh is responsible for assisting with the day to day running of all Enventure’s projects, and the MRS Certificate will help to provide a comprehensive grounding in the basic principles and practices of effective market and social research.

This is one of the first steps in Kayleigh’s career in research, as she is now progressing on to the MRS’s Advanced Certificate.

Congratulations from everyone at Enventure, Kayleigh! 

29 Jan 14

Second Resident Engagement Campaign in Basildon

Basildon Borough Council has commissioned Enventure Research to carry out a doorstepping engagement project to support the local housing association in educating residents about correct usage of the refuse and recycling service.  Enventure has previously conducted a successful doorstepping campaign on behalf of Basildon Council, which took place over June and July 2013.

Enventure’s trained recycling promoters will visit approximately 1,300 households within areas of low recycling participation, aiming to speak to residents from approximately 1,000 of these properties.

The engagement project is scheduled to begin at the end of January 2014 and will take place over a ten-day period.

22 Jan 14

Enthusiastic Team Deliver Barnet’s Large Scale Engagement Campaign

Enventure has successfully completed a large scale resident engagement project on behalf of Barnet London Borough Council within time and to budget.  A team of over 30 recycling promoters visited 102,000 properties in nine weeks, speaking to 41,610 residents about their new recycling and food waste scheme.   Residents were able to ask their burning questions on how the scheme worked and check what could and couldn’t be recycled. 

Mark Robinson of Enventure commented on the successful delivery of the project, “This was one of our largest engagement projects ever.   We had some great staff working on the project who were knowledgeable and enthusiastic about recycling.  Despite the cold weather, our teams did exceptionally well and delivered the project on time.  We hope our engagement activity will have a lasting impact on tonnages of waste collected.”  

A summary of the results of the campaign has been published on the Barnet London Borough Council website.

09 Jan 14

A Call to Action Survey Analysis for NHS Wakefield

The West and South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Commissioning Support Unit (WSYBCSU) recently commissioned Enventure Research to conduct the analysis of the results of the Call to Action Survey, which investigated what matters to the public in terms of local health services in Wakefield.  The Call to Action Survey considered issues such as NHS spending and what constitutes high quality care. 

The survey was administered online during November and December 2013.  Coding and in-depth analysis of responses from 378 participants was undertaken by Enventure Research, allowing key themes to be identified in order to accurately understand the views of respondents.  Enventure Research produced an independent report which detailed the survey results and analysis.

03 Jan 14

Further Consultation with Residents on the Future of Public Libraries

Enventure Research has been appointed to conduct a study on behalf of Bradford Metropolitan District Council exploring different ways of offering library services to the public in order to improve access and manage services more efficiently.  The survey will be administered online and will seek to find out what the public thinks about the different options being proposed by the Council.

The findings from the survey will be used to help the Council understand the best way forward for public libraries in Bradford, making them fit for the 21st century.

19 Dec 13

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Everyone at Enventure Research would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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