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17 Jul 14

Successful completion of NW Leicestershire Resident Engagement

Enventure Research has successfully completed a resident engagement project on behalf of North West Leicestershire District Council and the Leicestershire Waste Partnership.  An enthusiastic team of four trained recycling promoters visited approximately 8,000 properties in four weeks, speaking to over 2,440 households about the recycling scheme in North West Leicestershire.  The promoters aimed to encourage residents to recycle as much as possible, assessing residents’ potential barriers to recycling and providing advice about overcoming these barriers.

Enventure conducted the fieldwork over the four-week period, analysing the findings in depth and producing a comprehensive research report.  The findings will be used to inform the viability of further larger scale doorstepping projects in the future, with recycling and refuse tonnages monitored in order to assess the effectiveness of the engagement campaign.

16 Jul 14

Business Plan Public Consultation with Cambridgeshire Residents

Enventure Research has been appointed by Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC) to undertake a public survey as part of the Council’s 2014 Business Plan Consultation.  Enventure Research will conduct 1,100 in-home surveys in order to gain insight into residents’ views about what should be considered priority areas for budget spending. 

The in-home survey will be conducted by Interviewer Quality Control Scheme-trained interviewers with a representative sample of CCC residents in each of the four rural districts in Cambridgeshire and Cambridge City.  Quotas will be set to ensure the representativeness of the sample, including quotas on age, ethnicity, gender and working status.  The consultation will take the form of a structured quantitative interview and will be conducted in conjunction with an online version of the survey being hosted by CCC.  Enventure will provide detailed analysis of the survey results and comprehensive reporting on the findings.  The fieldwork is due to commence in August 2014.

Joanne Harvatt, Research Manager, commented, “We are delighted to have secured our first piece of work for Cambridgeshire’s Research and Performance Team.  We are looking forward to conducting the fieldwork on their behalf and providing them with results which are representative across the county.”

11 Jul 14

Visitor Satisfaction Research with users of Cricklewood Town Centre

Enventure Research has been appointed by the London Borough of Barnet and partners (including the London Boroughs of Brent and Camden) to conduct its on-street 2014 Visitor Satisfaction Survey.  The survey will measure the impact of the activities undertaken by the Cricklewood Town Team following the allocation of £1.676m from the Outer London Fund (OLF), alongside complementary funding from the London Boroughs of Barnet and Brent.  The OLF, a three-year initiative launched by the Mayor of London is dedicated to strengthening the vibrancy and growth of selected high streets and town centres in London.

Cricklewood’s OLF funding supported a package of activities, brought together as the ‘Cricklewood Project’.  The Cricklewood Project has been delivered by the London Borough of Barnet in partnership with the Cricklewood Town Team and activities undertaken have included redesigning public spaces, smartening shop fronts, boosting business, creating networks and hosting events.

A baseline Visitor Satisfaction Survey was undertaken in 2013 in order to establish satisfaction levels of Cricklewood town centre users and inform future strategies prior to any activities being undertaken as part of the Cricklewood Project.

Enventure will undertake the 2014 Visitor Satisfaction Survey, which will focus on the same areas as the 2013 survey in order to allow benchmarking of results, describing visitor profiles, measuring satisfaction in a number of areas and assessing changes to satisfaction levels since commencement of the Project.  A total of 500 users of Cricklewood town centre will be surveyed via a combination on on-street interviews and online surveying.  Enventure will provide detailed statistical analysis and comprehensive reporting on all research findings.  The fieldwork is due to commence in summer 2014.

08 Jul 14

Enventure to Continue MCC Satisfaction Research for Further Two Years

Enventure Research has been re-appointed by Manchester City Council to conduct its Resident Perception Survey over the next two years.  Enventure has conducted the survey every quarter over the last two years with a representative sample of 1,100 residents by means of a telephone survey and a number of face-to-face on-street interviews.

A total of 8,000 telephone interviews and 800 on-street interviews will be undertaken over the two-year period in order to establish resident perceptions across the diverse communities in Manchester.  The anonymised results will be delivered back to Manchester City Council to an agreed schedule.

The findings each quarter allow Manchester City Council to measure how well it and its partners are performing in the delivery of services, helping them to decide what needs doing differently in the future.  The results will be comparable to previous years’ surveys, allowing benchmarking with the national Local Government Association survey.

Joanne Harvatt, Research Manager, commented “We’re really pleased that Manchester City Council has extended the contract to continue Manchester’s Resident Satisfaction Survey for another two years.  We are looking forward to continuing to work with the Council.”

20 Jun 14

Understanding Perceptions of the Manchester Day Parade

Enventure Research has been awarded a contract by Manchester City Council to evaluate attendees’ perceptions of the Manchester Day Parade, which will take place on Sunday 22 June 2014.  The parade is an opportunity for communities to celebrate the creativity and diversity associated with the city in a highly visual way.  The parade will feature floats, inflatables and bands, alongside groups and individuals who registered their interest in being part of the event.  Approximately 50,000 people are expected to attend, with over 1,500 people from over 70 community groups and organisations participating in the event.

Manchester City Council has commissioned fieldwork in previous years to evaluate the impact of the Manchester Day Parade.  This research has taken the form of questionnaires and on-street interviewing.

Enventure will conduct 250 on-street interviews on the day of the parade with a random sample of event attendees in various locations around the city.  Detailed analysis of all survey data will be conducted, producing a comprehensive report on the data and comparison with previous years.

Mark Robinson, Managing Director, commented “It’s great to be working with Manchester City Council again through the research framework.  We’re really looking forward to undertaking this evaluation research of such a positive event for the city.”

18 Jun 14

Revisiting Residents’ Attitudes towards Saving Energy

In October 2012 Affinity Sutton Group launched a project in response to an anticipated high incidence of fuel poverty amongst its residents called EnergyFit.  The project involved providing residents with lifestyle advice via an information pack and the training of frontline staff.  In April 2013 Enventure Research conducted an evaluation of EnergyFit via a telephone survey of 72 Affinity Sutton residents.  The findings of this research, alongside feedback from Affinity Sutton staff, helped to inform the next phase of the EnergyFit campaign, revising its aims in order to increase customer awareness and increase staff engagement.  EnergyFit2 was launched in October 2013.

Enventure Research has been re-commissioned to evaluate the second phase of the EnergyFit campaign to gain an understanding of how successful it has been in terms of its usefulness, effectiveness and areas for improvement.  Enventure will undertake a telephone survey with Affinity Sutton residents who received an EnergyFit2 pack, alongside an additional online survey in order to boost the total sample size.  The survey will be directly emailed to residents who received an EnergyFit2 packs and provided a valid email address.

The findings of the research will be used to inform the next phase of the EnergyFit campaign, which will commence in October 2014.

Matthew Thurman, Research Manager, commented “We’re really pleased to be working with Affinity Sutton again this year, particularly as it’s working on the same project so we’re seeing the full results from it.”

16 Jun 14

Recycling communication campaign in Broxbourne

Enventure Research has been appointed to undertake a door-to-door recycling communication campaign on behalf of Broxbourne Borough Council.  Broxbourne Council currently offers a fortnightly kerbside collection of plastics, cans, glass, paper, green waste, food and cardboard, in addition to the weekly domestic waste collection. 

The main purpose of the campaign is to encourage residents to remove cardboard from the organic waste stream, in order to improve the quality of the compost produced from the green and food waste collected.  Residents will be encouraged to instead recycle their cardboard at one of the 24 Neighbourhood Recycling Centres (NRCs) situated across the Borough rather than putting it in their green wheeled bin.  The Council also wishes to engage with residents in order to encourage further recycling of materials and maximise the capture rate following a recent waste analysis survey.

Enventure’s experienced recycling promoters will speak to residents on their doorstep, raising awareness about the cardboard issue and aiming to encourage further participation in the recycling scheme and increase the range and amount of waste recycled.  The team will visit approximately 32,000 properties and speak to a minimum of 11,200 residents (35%).  Doorstepping activity will begin on 18th June, lasting for approximately five weeks.

09 Jun 14

Customer Insight into Weight Management Services in Leicester

Leicester City Counci(LCC) is currently reviewing its health weight strategy for the city and is re-commissioning its adult weight management services.  To support the development of the strategy and better understand the attitudes and views of the public in relation to weight management services, Enventure Research has been commissioned to conduct customer insight research on behalf of LCC. 

Enventure will consult with a cross-section of the public, including a range of genders, ethnicities, faiths and socio-economic backgrounds, gathering high quality evidence of public and professional views, in order to inform the commissioning of the new adult weight management services.  Consultation will be carried out via a combination of focus groups with those using weight management plans and in depth telephone interviews with professionals working in weight management services.

Matthew Thurman, Research Manager, commented “We’re very pleased to be working on this project and have an opportunity to feed into such an important strategy.”

27 May 14

Two-phase Satisfaction Research on behalf of Affinity Sutton

Enventure Research has been commissioned to conduct a series of surveys on behalf of Affinity Sutton Group, one of the largest independent providers of affordable housing in England. 

Affinity Sutton provides over 57,000 properties in more than 120 local authority areas throughout the country.  Over the next year Affinity Sutton will be coping improvements works and community investments activities on three of its estates.  To understand the impact that these actions may have on local communities, Affinity Sutton wishes to conduct a series of short investigative surveys both before and after the work and activities are carried out.  The surveys will aim to develop an understanding of residents’ satisfaction with their neighbourhood and will allow any changes in attitudes and opinions to be measured.

Enventure will conduct a two-phase survey of Affinity Sutton residents living on specific estates to measure levels of satisfaction, recording resident opinions both before and after any interventions.  The surveys will explore positive and negative aspects of the residents’ local area and identify common suggestions for practical changes and improvements, achieving a sample size of at least 25% of each of the selected estate populations.

21 May 14

Enventure Appointed for Large Scale Doorstepping in Merton

Merton London Borough Council has recently commissioned Enventure Research to undertake a door-to-door recycling communication campaign.

The Council offers a comingled recycling scheme and food waste collection service to all households and currently recycles 39% of its household waste.  The authority has a target to recycle 42.5% by 2016.  To increase participation in the recycling scheme and generally increase recycling, the Council is launching the new Mega Recycle Incentive Scheme.  This web-based interactive scheme will offer residents the opportunity for substantial and frequent personal and community rewards for recycling.  By signing up online and pledging to recycle as much of their waste as possible, residents will be entered into a prize draw with the potential to win cash prizes.

Enventure’s experienced recycling promoters staff will speak to residents on their doorstep, raising awareness about recycling and the Mega Recycle Incentive Scheme, aiming to encourage participation and increase the range and amount of waste recycled.  They will encourage residents to sign up to the incentive scheme and offer residents the opportunity to order new or replacements recycling containers.  Recycling promoters will make visits to approximately 83,000 households, aiming to make contact with around 29,000 households.    

Merton's Mega Recycle Incentive Scheme

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