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04 Sep 14

Doorstep Engagement Campaign on Behalf of St Albans

St Albans City and District Council has commissioned Enventure Research to conduct a door-to-door engagement campaign targeting areas within the district with low participation in the Council’s recycling scheme.  The Council currently provides residents with a comprehensive recycling scheme which collects a wide range of materials on a fortnightly basis, including glass, paper, cardboard, plastics, cans, foil, green waste and food waste.  At present, the recycling rate is approximately 50%.

A team of eight experienced locally-based recycling promoters will approach 20,000 households, aiming to speak with 7,000 residents (a 35% contact rate) and encourage an increase in participation in the recycling scheme.    Recycling promoters will use computer aided personal interviewing (CAPI) devices to administer a survey exploring the recycling services and record residents’ responses.

Doorstepping activity will take place over a five-week period and is due to commence in late September 2014.

25 Aug 14

Recycling Behaviour Change Survey for R4GM

Recycle for Greater Manchester (R4GM), the partnership between Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority (GMWDA), the nine district councils in the area and Viridor Laing, has appointed Enventure Research to undertake a behaviour change survey examining Greater Manchester residents’ views, opinions and behaviour in relation to recycling and waste prevention.

The research is intended to be comparable with previous biannual surveys that have been undertaken face-to-face with Recycling Centre users and staff, which have investigated levels of awareness around the R4GM brand and recycling and waste prevention attitudes and behaviours.

A face-to-face on-street survey will be conducted with a representative quota sample of 3,600 Greater Manchester residents in a number of different sampling locations.  The survey will gather similar information to that of previous surveys, but will aim to further understand the impact of R4GM communications to measure the effectiveness of campaigns and promotional activities.  A large team of Interviewer Quality Control Scheme (IQCS) trained market research interviewers will conduct the interviews, using computer aided interviewing (CAPI) devices to record responses.

The fieldwork interviewing is due to commence in September and continue through to October 2014.  Enventure Research will provided detailed analysis and reporting on the findings following fieldwork completion.

Recycle for Greater Manchester

21 Aug 14

Insightful Research with Catch22 Customers Draws to a Close

Enventure Research has recently delivered insightful customer feedback research on behalf of Catch22, a large social enterprise charity which helps young people and families in difficult situations to turn their lives around.  The services provided by Catch22 (which include National Citizen Service, leaving care, substance misuse services, missing from home services, high level family support and domestic abuse support) are all commissioned by local authority commissioners across England and Wales.  Catch22 wished to develop insight into these commissioners’ perceptions and experiences of the quality of its services.

A mixed quantitative and qualitative method approach was taken to the research.  A quantitative online survey was developed in partnership between Catch22 and Enventure Research and emailed to a selection of 44 commissioners.  Follow-up telephone calls were made to respondents who did not participate online, leading to an overall response rate of 41%.  In-depth qualitative interviews were conducted with 11 respondents who participated in the online or telephone survey in order to gain greater insight into the quantitative findings.

Enventure Research provided comprehensive reporting on the qualitative and quantitative results, detailing interesting findings, conclusions and recommendations arising from the research.  The results will be used to inform future planning for Catch22, identifying potential areas for improvement to the services.

18 Aug 14

Face-to-face Visitor Satisfaction Survey on Behalf of WRWA

The Western Riverside Waste Authority (WRWA) has appointed Enventure Research to undertake a face-to-face survey assessing levels of satisfaction in visitors to the Smugglers Way Wandsworth Household Waste and Recycling Centre (HWRC).  The site reopened in September 2012 following a complete refurbishment.

A small team of staff, who are experienced in engaging with members of the public in relation to recycling services, will interview visitors to the site over a one-week period.  Interviewers will be present at the site during all opening hours over the full seven days, aiming to speak to as many visitors to the centre as possible.  A short survey designed in partnership between Enventure Research and WRWA will be administered with the aid of computer aided personal interviewing (CAPI) devices to as broad a spectrum of visitors as possible.

The survey will be conducted in early September 2014.  Following the survey fieldwork, Enventure Research will provide WRWA with the raw survey data ready for analysis.

Western Riverside Waste Authority

07 Aug 14

Enventure Re-Appointed for AAGBI Membership Survey

The Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland (AAGBI) has re-appointed Enventure Research to conduct its 2014 membership survey.  Enventure conducted the most recent membership survey in 2011 and has worked with the AAGBI on other pieces of research since this time.  The survey aims to help the AAGBI develop a better understanding of its members and ensure that the organisation continues to reflect the needs, views and opinions of members so that it can continue to provide support for them for years to come.

Enventure Research will develop a questionnaire in partnership with the AAGBI covering topics such as the benefits of AAGBI membership, views about the AAGBI, communications and publications, technology and social networks, events, professional development, venue hire and priorities about the future of the AAGBI.

The survey will be posted to all AAGBI members on the distribution list along with copies of the monthly AAGBI magazine ‘Anaesthesia News’ and will also be hosted securely online by Enventure Research and emailed to members. 

The online survey is set to go live later this year. Following the survey period Enventure will provided the AAGBI with comprehensive reporting on the findings.

04 Aug 14

Further Research to Inform Future of Bradford Markets

Enventure Research has recently been appointed by Bradford Metropolitan District Council to gauge shoppers’ views on the future of its markets.  The Council’s current Markets provision in Bradford city centre comprises the management and operation of two indoor markets – the Oastler Shopping Centre and Kirkgate Market.  The Council are currently exploring options for combining both markets into a single venue.  Enventure Research has previously

Market users and non-users will be interviewed on-street to find out about preferred future market locations.  Experienced IQCS-trained (Interviewer Quality Control Scheme) interviewers will also chart shopping behaviours (including main shopping purchases), like and dislikes about the current market offer, evaluate the current usages of the market facilities (including perceptions, value for money, quality of goods, product displays, level of service and layout of stalls), and explore methods to maximise opportunities to draw new customers into the markets.

A random sample of five hundred interviews will be completed at each of the current market locations, with a further 250 interviews taking place in the city centre to target non-market users.  The fieldwork will take place over August 2014 and will be supported by an online version of the survey running in conjunction with the on-street interviewing.

28 Jul 14

Large-Scale Resident Engagement Completed in Merton

Enventure Research has successfully completed a large-scale door-to-door recycling communications campaign on behalf of Merton London Borough Council.  An enthusiastic team of twenty experienced recycling promoters, were recruited from local and surrounding areas.  The project was managed on the ground by a local Project Co-ordinator.

Recycling promoters engaged with residents on the doorstep, raising awareness of the recycling services and inspire residents to recycle as many materials as possible, also offering the opportunity to order new recycling containers.  Residents were further encouraged to sign up to the new Mega Recycling Incentive Scheme, a web-based interact scheme which offers the opportunity for substantial and frequent rewards for correctly recycling.

The fieldwork was completed over a ten-week period.  Progress reports were provided to the Council on a weekly basis.  Visits were made to approximately 83,000 properties, with an overall contact rate of 33% achieved.  Enventure Research provided comprehensive reporting on the findings, including detailed survey findings, feedback, comments, issues and suggestions from residents, providing practical and actionable recommendations for future engagement and operational activity.

21 Jul 14

Enventure Appointed for Third Year by Nottinghamshire County Council

Nottinghamshire County Council has re-commissioned Enventure Research to conduct its 2014 Annual Satisfaction Survey.  The survey takes place yearly and has been conducted by Enventure Research since 2012.  The research aims to capture local people’s views, experiences and perceptions of value for money, quality of life, communication and health and wellbeing, helping the Council to understand the priorities of local residents and informing decisions about Council plans and services.

Since 2012, over 2,000 face-to-face interviews have been conducted with Council residents, with quotas set to ensure that the sample was broadly representative of the County’s population in terms of age, gender, ethnicity and working status.  Enventure Research has provided detailed analysis of the research findings from both years, including sub-group analysis of statistically significant differences.  The survey results allow benchmarking with previous Satisfaction Surveys and with other councils across the country and have been made available online on the Council website.

The fieldwork for the next phase of the research is due to commence in October 2014.

 Nottinghamshire County Council - Proud of our past, ambitious for our future

18 Jul 14

Tenant Perception Research for NHS Property Services

NHS Property Services manages, maintains and improves over 4,000 NHS properties and facilities, working in partnership with NHS organisations to create safe, efficient, sustainable and modern healthcare and working environments.  In order to develop a baseline understanding of its tenants’ satisfaction levels, NHS Property Services has appointed Enventure Research to conduct an online quantitative survey.  The survey will allow tenants to have their say about the condition and management of their properties, identifying which aspects of building provision tenants are most and least satisfied with.

The survey will be hosted securely online by Enventure Research during August and September 2014.  Following survey completion, a full research report will be produced detailing the findings and conclusions arising from the research.

The research will enable NHS Property Services to drive improvement in the company’s performance and services, and ultimately understand customer satisfaction and respond to the needs of its stakeholders.  The findings will be used to inform and focus operational and strategic planning, communication and engagement activities.

17 Jul 14

Successful Completion of NW Leicestershire Resident Engagement

Enventure Research has successfully completed a resident engagement project on behalf of North West Leicestershire District Council and the Leicestershire Waste Partnership.  An enthusiastic team of four trained recycling promoters visited approximately 8,000 properties in four weeks, speaking to over 2,440 households about the recycling scheme in North West Leicestershire.  The promoters aimed to encourage residents to recycle as much as possible, assessing residents’ potential barriers to recycling and providing advice about overcoming these barriers.

Enventure conducted the fieldwork over the four-week period, analysing the findings in depth and producing a comprehensive research report.  The findings will be used to inform the viability of further larger scale doorstepping projects in the future, with recycling and refuse tonnages monitored in order to assess the effectiveness of the engagement campaign.

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